CVA News Letter March 2020


Good afternoon everyone !


Here it is Saturday and it's gorgeous out there ! The weather has me thinking of trees and how add  some here at home. If anyone is thinking the same way here is some help


The Climate Change Workshop held last night at Caledon Village Place created some great conversation. Many thanks to those that attended and a special thank you to Sabrina Valleau ! A community advocate and member of the Climate Change Action Plan Task Force.


Last Monday found us at a meeting in Caledon Village regarding Tourism. Many resourceful ideas. It was great to see so many local business representatives present. We are hopeful that buying local increases in popularity !


Later that day found CVA at the table with staff and Council members to discuss Caledon  Village. There are many personal stories in our village and sadly many of them are not good news. Excessive salt from the Hwy 10 expansion finding its way into wells, excessive noise due to the increase of heavy traffic creating near impossible sleeping conditions. The personal issues are not always heard but back in 2015 Caledon Village residents raised their concerns at a meeting with the Town. Results of that meeting were compiled and have since turned into the Six Villages Project.

I encourage everyone to take a look at this.

Part of the Six Villages project states:


"Caledon Village is a safe, pedestrian friendly and well connected community. The Village offers a range of different services and commercial uses, which serve the travelling public as well as local residents. The needs of pedestrians are balanced with the needs of vehicular traffic"


I don't think anyone who lives here thinks that statement is accurate, and that sentiment was expressed at the meeting. I would like to thank Mr. Rob Hughes from the Town of Caledon for offering to put us in touch with Sylvia Kirkwood and be able to be part of the Official Plan process as it pertains to Caledon Village. 


Did you all receive the notice in the mail from CBM Aggregates ? If not and you would like a copy please email us at or go to our Facebook Page, Caledon Village Association 2.0 there is a post on that page regarding the notice. Why is CBM's proposal important to Caledon Village ? Well, it won't be far away when its location is  Charleston and Regional Rd 136 (the Esso Stn and Mamma's Shack) therefore you know that means more heavy vehicles on our roads. I am no blasting expert but the possibility of feeling the blasting from the village seems very real. What will this do to the immediate area ? Cataract is a lovely spot, it will be decimated if the project gets approval. Lets not forget that this will go below the water table. There is no application at this time, however the Town of Caledon has not in recent history denied such an application. There are always two sides to every story and if this one has your attention then please attend the Public Information Session Wednesday March 25th 2020 at the Alton Legion Hall, Branch 449 1267 Queen St W  It is a drop in format from 7pm to 9 pm, bring your questions.


On a lighter note ! Plans for the Caledon Village Bicentennial are gaining motion ! Please put Saturday Sept 26th in your phone's or on your calendar ! There will be lots of activities for the kids, lots of history to be seen and a reason for our Village to come together and celebrate ! If you have suggestions or questions we would love to hear them. Please come out if possible to our meeting Tues March 10th 7pm at the Old Caledon Township Hall   Interesting tidbit regarding the Township Hall


As always, if you do not wish to receive these letters, please let us know we will take you off the contact list.


Hope to see you Tuesday, if not, please remember to contact Sylvia Jones MPP to remind her that the Community Safety Zone needs to be implemented sooner rather than later.   



Enjoy the weather, spring is coming !






CVA News Letter Feb. 2020


Good afternoon everyone 


It may not be sunny but it sure is warmer, in fact almost all the snow has melted off the driveway !


As most of you know, Caledon Village has a Bi Centennial this year. 200 years of history to be celebrated. Tomorrow at 7 pm the initial portion of the CVA meeting will be all about the celebrations. Community groups in the area have been invited to attend as we move forward in the planning. CVA is part of the celebrations but we are in no way the only group ! This is all about community. Please feel free to come and join us, the planning committee needs to hear from you. I have already received some ideas, please keep them coming.


Other things going on in or nearby Caledon Village :


The Erin pit application/expansion, in order to make sure I have this right, the following is a copy/paste from the Belfountain Community Organization

"The Erin Pit Expansion Zoning By-law amendment application is for lands of 309 acres stretching from Winston Churchill Blvd. to Shaws Creek Rd., south of the Elora-Cataract Trailway to the north side of the West Credit River. 

A staff report (report number 2020-0016) pertaining to the proposed Zoning By-law Amendment application to permit the “Erin Pit Expansion – Caledon Side” gravel pit (Town File: RZ 17-02) is being brought forward to a Planning and Development Committee meeting, which will be held at Council Chambers, Town Hall on Tuesday, February 11, 2020, starting at 7 p.m..  It is a public meeting.

A copy of the agenda and staff report is available on the Town of Caledon website at:

The recommendations of the Committee will then be considered for adoption at the Town Council meeting on Tuesday, February 18, 2020.

For more information on the proposed gravel pit, please visit the Town of Caledon website at:"

 While the CVA encourages people to attend our meetings, the above mentioned, for all who want to hear what is happening is a must do. Sad to say but there is another must do next month as well.

An "informal" public meeting at the Alton Legion Hall 6 - 9 pm on March 25th regarding the potential 400 acre quarry that St. Mary's Cement is proposing. When the official invitation comes out it will be distributed. 

As we know, there is a Northwest Caledon Rec reserve fund. There was a question asked on Facebook about what could be done with $500,000 as it turns out I was off by a few thousand dollars. As of this year and including interest there is $905,705  The next question is .... what is the intended use ? Is it for a recreational centre ? A pool would be nice as I believe this fund was started when the old pool was demolished. Questions that need to be asked. Anyone interested with finding out more is most welcome to do so, we can always use help !

Could I encourage you all to take a look at Six Villages Community Improvement Plan



Six Villages Community Improvement Plan



Six Villages Community Improvement Plan




In here you will find information regarding Improvement Plans.  Included in the document is the following statement.


Caledon Village is a safe, pedestrian-friendly and well-connected community. The Village offers a range of different services and commercial uses, which serve the travelling public as well as local residents. The needs of pedestrians are balanced with the needs of vehicular traffic.


On a personal level I have an issue with that statement. Rather than go through everything in this letter, I strongly encourage you to read through the document, draw your own conclusions and if you would like to be part of a group to discuss with the Town of Caledon as to where we are, or for the most part where we are not with these plans, please send us an email


Communication is key ! There is information out there and depending on what you are looking for maybe we can work together. 


As always, if you no longer wish to receive these newsletters, we understand, just please send us an email and we will remove you from the contact list.




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