Caledon Village Association


Meeting Notes


Wednesday Oct 10, 2018 at 7 p.m.


Old Caledon Township Hall




Attendance : Colin Lewis, Yves DeLisle, Mauro Testani, Judy Lewis, Susan Montgomery, Kate Hepworth




Regrets : Fay McCrea, Larry Toswill, Betty Lau, Barney Becket




Call to order :  Meeting brought to order at 7:05 pm




Approval of September minutes:  Yves DeLisle 2nd by Judy Lewis




Business arising from September meeting




Snowflakes, as yet we have not had confirmation from Tanya that the one damaged snowflake is to be returned or if they are shipping us a new one. If nothing is heard we will use one of the old snowflakes.




Replacement of  tree lights. So far no confirmation that Canadian Tire would donate all or any. Suggested by Mauro Testani to contact Home Hardware as they might be more willing to help. Kate will follow up.




All Candidates Meeting. Huge success ! Working with Mary Cooney and the Alton Village Association produced a civil, organized and very well attended Candidates Meeting.




EMS update, the process of Paramedics picking up their ambulances in Brampton will go ahead although the OPSEU still has an action plan in place that may have that decision stopped. A project still in motion.




Treasurers Report




CVA has $4,000 in the bank and we still have the Tree Lighting Ceremony to cover. Hopes are high that donations will be as high as last year and that the Silent Auction does well.




New Business




An e-mail was received from Eric Chan of the Town Of Caledon regarding set up dates for the snowflakes and tree lights. The forms have been printed and will be submitted with a date of Nov. 14th for installation. Mr. Chan reminded us that the CVA is responsible for paying for the installation, a reminder will be sent to Mr.Chan that the Town gave CVA a grant that will cover much of the installation expenses once the bill is submitted.








The possibility of having CVA meetings on a different night has be put forward. Kate will look at the schedule of Town Council meetings and see how it fits in with our current schedule. An update will follow.




Tree Lighting Plans. A work plan will be put together, although most items have been covered. Please watch for a further e-mail to come so we can all work together.




Thank you to Susan Montgomery for attending. We look forward as always to working with The Caledon Optimists.




Meeting adjourned at 9:05pm




Next Meeting Tues. Nov. 13 2018





Tuesday, May 8, 2018 at 7 p.m.

Old Caledon Township Hall


Attendance:  Kate Hepworth, Judy Lewis, Yves deLisle, Fay McCrea

Guests:           Judy Lewis, Larry Tosswill, Betty Lau

Regrets:          Barney Beckett


1.  Kate called the meeting to order at 7:06 p.m..

2.  Yves moved approval of the Agenda

3.  Business Arising from the April meeting

3.1    Snowflakes – Christmas Canada has offered to replace the 10 snowflakes we purchased from them.  They do not wish to have the old ones back and    Kate agreed she would pick them up to save them delivery charges, even          though they offered to pay freight charges. The CVA can decide what to   do with them. For now they are being stored at Larry Tosswill and Betty      Lau’s residence.

3.2    Replacement of Christmas Tree lights.  Kate will make some enquiries        with Canadian Tire to see if they would be willing to donate all of them,       some of them or give us a discount. We need to determine how many           strings of lights we need first. It was agreed the lights would be      coloured.

3 .3   Report on the logo for CVA – Betty Lau has asked for some clarification   on what we would like and she will try to work on it and submit    something for next meeting. 

3.4    Report on the Benefit Performance – we did quite well – did not sell 50     tickets that were possible but we sold 39 for a profit of $427. The play          was hilarious and well received.  Restaurant did not work out too well as            there were too man people all there at the same time so we were very          rushed since we did not get our meals until almost 8 p.m. Kate went over   to the theatre to let them know everyone was coming but were delayed as    dinner ran late.  Thanks to Yves for getting information about the play on     the website as well as other updates. Well done!

3.5    Second flowerbed on Hawthorne Blvd. Judy agreed to check with Brian    and see if we can get a price for Glen Echo to just create the bed and the CVA will plant flowers and shrubs.

3.6    All Candidates meeting for Provincial election with other Village    Associations? It was agreed we are too late for the Provincial election but   we will definitely hold one for the Municipal Election.  Judy said the         theatre has 141 seats and the capacity for Caledon Village place is 125??    Kate said we could make coffee in CVP.  We would need to borrow from      the Town or rent a sound system?


                                                         - 2 -  


3.8    Clear coat finish on tree carving – Larry Tosswill and Betty Lau of All       Women Contractors + 1 Inc and FIXITS Repair Café  have agreed to do    this. They just need 5-7 days of no rain. He will check Jim Menken to see   if there is anything they need to know first.

3.9    Business Exposition – Kate will put something on Facebook to gather a      list of businesses that are in the vicinity of Caledon Village or at least in       Ward 1.

3.10  Giant Flea Market – Kate went to the Caledon Agricultural Society to ask about the storage of the snowflakes but that had been taken care of by       Larry. The other item she wanted to run past them was a giant flea market      with vendors of crafts, vegetables, etc.  They suggested somebody attend the Fair to check with the vendors who attend to see if they may wish to      attend.  She was given 4 passes to the fair so somebody can go and check       with the vendors present.  Kate felt they were open to the idea.

3.11  Guest speaker at every other meeting - e.g. OPP meeting. No decision        made on this


4.                  Treasurer’s Report – Colin

                              Colin said we have an opening  balance of     $8,112

                  $50 donation to Caledon Central                          50

                  Cheque to CTHP for their share of ticket sales   427

                  Cheque to the theatre for the tickets                     47

                        New balance                                                  $8,405


5.   New Business

      5.1       Possibility of purchasing 2 new snowflakes ? Larry and Ian Sinclair both                            showed an interest in trying to repair them but since we have funds, Fay                             wondered if we could purchase 2 new ones so they all match. Tanya was                            not in the store at the time the responded to the email but she said she                             would get back to us with a price. No word back at this time  

      5.2       Suggestion to amend the agreement the Region has with Hydro one re                                banners on hydro poles – since the agreement is 10 years old, would there                           be a chance to get it amended or get an exemption since we already have                           banners in the village that don’t meet the size dictated by hydro? We                               would really like to continue them south of the village but we do not want                               a different size since we already have them at the four corners. Kate will                      check with Barb re ideas to get some help with this issue. 

            5.3       Quote from Orangeville Insurance for coverage for Directors and Officers

                        Colin called Orangeville Insurance to get a  lay person’s wording and he                             said he did not hear back. Fay contacted INTACT insurance directly and a                               copy of the explanation, that we should have received, was emailed                             immediately. Colin said he would check it over when time permitted.




                                                                        - 3 -


            5.4       Date for Tree Lighting event – December 1st or 8th  (both dates available)                            It was agreed we would have the Tree Lighting on December 1st.  Fay will                                    notify Doreen Beffort to book the church room and kitchen for that date at                            4 p.m.  (Fay confirmed Dec. 1st)


6. Next Meeting


6.1              Tuesday, June 12, 7 p.m. Old Caledon Township Hall


7. Adjournment  at 9:30 p.m.






Tuesday, April 10, 2018 and 7 p.m.

Old Caledon Township Hall


Kate called the meeting to order at 7:10 p.m. She then introduced the members of the executive.


Explanation of the parade being cancelled in 2017.

Kate explained that the insurance for the parade was very high and the participants would

have to provide proof of  $5,000,000 liability insurance. The CVA would have been covered by the Optimists insurance. There was also a further fee for a permit to cross Hwy. 10 so it was impossible to have a parade with these kinds of expenses. The CVA does  not foresee any rules being changed so we feel the days of a parade through the village are part of our past.  The CVA is currently looking into Directors insurance and possibly Event insurance so we are covered on our own policy.


Pit expansion- the idea of working WITH James Dick who is currently looking to expand a gravel pit which is on the West side of Winston Churchill at Charleston Sideroad (on the Erin side). In the future there could be lots more trucks coming through the village. The plan would be to take the trucks south to the lights on Hwy. 10 and through the gravel pits to west of the village. The idea is to try to work with them to get the trucks to bypass the four corners of Caledon. Ian Sinclair mentioned Bluelands pit on Heart Lake Road and the opportunity to also with them.

Regarding traffic, OPP officers were in attendance and assured us that a proportionate amount of time and tickets are issued to speeding vehicles through our village.


Problems with the snowflakes and why they were not alight much this winter.

They were dysfunctional this winter but Langley, the electricians under contract with the Town of Caledon and even though their head office is in Belleville, they have substations throughout the Town. They have replaced the GFIs on the banner poles with new receptacles which will hopefully not trip and cause the snowflakes to malfunction this coming winter. Langley overcharged us last year so this year the CVA is not paying for the snowflakes that were recently removed and the banners replaced.


Problems with Christmas Tree lights. The lights are old and the tree is growing annually so the joiners pull apart. Kate suggested we approach Canadian Tire to see if they would give us a discount on new lights.


Application for Revitalization of Villages Funding application – the CVA has applied for funding and we have been granted $2000 after we pay for the snowflakes to be installed in November and the banners removed then we submit the bill to the town and be reimbursed.  


Calling for people with either design or artistic skills to create a logo for the CVA. 

One of the people in attendance (Betty Lau) is a graphic designer and said she will see what she can create for us.  Another suggestion was the art students at Caledon Central.


Invitation to join us for the Benefit Performance of the upcoming CTHP comedy

production of “Dilemmas with Dinner” on Friday, May 4th 2018 at 8:15 p.m. right here. Tickets  are $16 and the CVA will keep $10 from each ticket sold. We have the potential to sell 50 tickets if we sell out our 25 so great fundraising and a fun event. Also if you make a reservation at Dolce and show them your theatre tickets you will get 10% discount on the night of the play.  Great restaurant.  

- 2 -


  Any ideas or suggestions you may have for the C.V.A. to work on?

a)      Working towards getting heritage banners installed on the hydro poles south    of the village

b)      Another Flower Bed – will be created on Hawthorne Ave. boulevard

c)      All Candidates Meeting for the up coming Municipal Election.

                        Ian suggested we get together with other village organizations and perhaps                        hold an All Candidates meeting for the Provincial election candidates,                           It would need to be held in a large venue, possibly the Brampton Fair                             grounds. Also the public gets to vote for the Regional chair this year, so                                     perhaps we need a Meet the Candidates meeting for that also.  We would                          need to invite people from many small villages/hamlets in Caledon, Peel                             Federation of Agriculture members, etc.

d)     Clear coat finish on the tree wood carving at Tim Horton’s. Another guest of the meeting was Larry Toswill who offered to purchase this product as he    is a contractor and will get a discount.  It is only available at Orangeville     Building Centre in Orangeville.

e)      Road Watch is no longer active but the OPP officers explained that if we can  get  a license plate and description of the car, phone it in to the OPP and the drivers will be contacted and warned. If a person is found to be           constantly driving at excessive speeds, there will be consequences.

f)       Skate Park in Caledon Village. It is on the books but the problem is trying to             find a suitable location. It needs access to washrooms and needs to be in a       visible location for safety. There is a possible location behind CVP but            there are some problems that have to be resolved.

g)       Business Exposition was another suggestion to enlighten residents about the many businesses we have in this village and within a 5 mile radius.             A suggestion for a name was “Treasures and Tastes”. 

h)       Speeding on Hwy. 10 - still concerns about the traffic speeds going through   the village. Also the lights at the four corners. Some people would like to    see a traffic light at Kennedy and Charleston

i)         Giant Flea Market was another suggestion possibly to be held at the Fairgrounds. A show of hands indicated there was interest in such an     event. CVA needs to get their insurance in place before plans can be        made. Ian mentioned how much money was made on a giant flea market    that was held annually by the Coalition for Concerned Citizens to raise           funds to fight the Rockfort quarry.

j)        Breakins in this area - OPP said there have been an excess of breakins in this area but one person has been caught, charged and is in jail. A suggestion was holding a Community Awareness meeting to teach people how to make their homes secure.  CVA could have a guest speaker at each monthly meeting?



            Kate thanked everyone for coming and she will post things on the website and all are invited to our monthly meetings held in this building (downstairs) on the     second Tuesday of the month at 7 p.m.


            Meeting adjourned at 8:30 p.m.