Pictured above is Caledon Village surrounded by the Settlement Boundary


Do you know how many homes are in Caledon Village?


The population of Caledon Village is approximately 1750 in 490 units.


What would you say if the boundary was expanded?


Should it stay the same?




Please send them to caledonvillageassociation@gmail.com

PLEASE, if you do not want your comments shared, please say so and your remarks will stay confidential, but we would like to know what you think.




Caledon Village Association

Meeting with concerned residents.

Wednesday, May 5, 2021 –

Virtual Meeting on “Google Meets”

7-9 pm

Minutes of Meeting – Proposed Draft Plan of Condominium – 0 and 18314 Hurontario St.

Rezoning application to amend zoning of site from “residential” to “townhouse residential” to allow construction of 30 townhouse units.  File Nos. 21CEM-210001C and related File Nos. RZ 2021-0001 & SOA 2021-0001.


Name                                                                                                                                                    Address


Kate Hepworth (Chair)



Lynn Kiernan

Area Councillor


Ian Sinclair

Regional Councillor


Dale Neilly & Christine Schubert (Recording Secretary)

Alanavale Rd.


Barney Beckett



Corey Crang

James St.


Phil & Beth Staite



Aaron Grabowski



Shannon Brewster



Mark Florence



Yves Delisle



Bruce Savage



Bruce Craggs



Patty Halls



Robert Payne



Pauline Petri



Shari Gouzvaris

Birch Haven


Thomas Ruth



Ron Chliszczyk



David and Michelle Windross



Jackie Flynn



Mari-Anne Tate

Village of Inglewood


Marianne Di Leo



Mara Kinnear





Notes in the order of the Agenda:


Agenda Item 1 –Welcome new participants

Kate welcomed any new participants to the CVA Meeting for this proposal, including Councillor Kiernan, who was previously unable to participate in discussions. 



Agenda Item 2-Review & approval of Minutes of Meeting April 28, 2021

Action:  Approved with one revision:  Robert Payne was not listed as present April 28th (Noted)

Agenda Item 3.a. –Research of Milani Group (possible owner/developer of site)

Kate referenced links she provided on her research of Milani Group.  Milani Group predominantly develops commercial/industrial projects but records indicate they were involved in a 31-townhouse development in 2016 that generated significant community opposition.

One of the links from 2018 described community outrage and shock at negotiationsbetween the developer& the City (Vaughan?) at that time that circumvented the OMB process and the community input and details of those negotiations were not made public.  Of course, this info generates concerns by the community that the subject proposal follow strict application/review policies and protocols by the TOC, LPAT, and any other governing body involved.


Bruce Craggs referenced several of the proposal links to studies that date back to 2008, 2010 and would no longer provide relevant information.


Councillor Kiernan confirmed that outdated material would not be readily accepted by TOC.  Instead, both generic and specific studies will be considered by Council.  She commented that the proposal is ambitious and TOC depts. are aware of the concerns raised by it.However, in spite of obvious concerns, the TOC cannot deny an application.


Councillor Sinclair confirmed that a similar rezoning application in the area required consultation with TOC Depts., the Region of Peel, the Niagara Escarpment Commission and more, in advance of any decision on development.  This proposal would be subjected to the same scrutiny.






Item 3.b. (and c.) – Rezoning and Appeal Process

Councillor Sinclair explained that the applicant is responsible to provide relevant studies in order for the application to be deemed “complete”. The studies are circulated to MOT, TOC, CVC, etc. and those agencies offer comments on whether the proposal meets standards.  Unfortunately, there is no quality control on the studies provided and those accompanying the current application are “skimpy”.  TOC will hire experts, if necessary, to provide peer review for these studies (at cost of applicant).


Regardless of Council’s decision, residents will want to be involved in the application process.  In order to appeal, the OMB (now LPAT) will want to see a consistent record of participation from residents throughout proposal process in the form of submissions/letters written by residents and/or CVA.  CVA can represent Village residents as a whole.  LPAT will want to address specific items of concern and how these affect development policies.As no formal meeting of the application has been scheduled, discussions about an appeal to LPAT are premature.


Residents were encouraged to write letters to TOC (via email, snail mail) to the TOC Clerk (Laura Hall) with cc’s to Councillors Kiernan and Sinclair. Please specify the name of the application and file numbers as stated at the top of the minutes.


In response to an enquiry, it was suggested by Councillor Sinclair that the rezoning/appeal process would take significant time, perhaps up to two years.

The public meeting would likely take place in July 2021.  TOC Depts. will then make comments to Council; residents will have opportunity for input, and applicant will have opportunity at that time to proceed/withdraw the application and/or appeal decision of Council.  If application is appealed to LPAT, there is already a significant backlog of applications to be heard, so proceeding with any development of the site is unlikely for the foreseeable future.


Participants are concerned that the timing of the application during Covid is “opportunistic” on the part of the applicant.


Councillor Kiernan commented that the site in question involved a previous application some time ago that would have required opening the right-of-way/easement.  That application was denied due to stormwater issues.  So, stormwater issues are not new to this site.


Barney Beckett advised that a large house built to the rear of the site and one to the north resulted in drainage issues.  The grade of the subject property will have to be raised to avoid drainage issues, but in so doing, will result in drainage to his property to the southeast which is at a lower grade.


David Windross confirmed preliminary stormwater reports on file that suggest water will be directed to the southeast of the site.While the reports on file appear fully contemplated, the end result is all water will be directed towards the Cragg’s property to the southeast.






































Councillor Kiernan:

What/when was this application? Can we get details?  The same argumentsfor refusal may be relevant for this proposal.

Item 3.d.-Land development regulations for Caledon Village where properties rely on private wells.

Councillor Sinclair advised that he has alerted the Public Works & Buildings Depts. of the private wells in the area and expressed concern about the impact of the proposal on these existing services.  There is a limit to sewage flow, that once exceeded, becomes subject to MOE approval.  It was his view MOE approval would be required in this instance.

A recent visit to a local gravel pit to the west of this site confirmed that water drains thrusoluble rocks such aslimestone, dolomite and gypsum, creating caves and water channels that destabilize the rock bed on these lands (KARST).  Councillor Sinclair was not aware of other KARST affects on septic in the area but cautioned that inadequate drainage/sewage management of the subject site would adversely affect wells in the area, resulting in the TOC having to “rectify” the situation.

In response to an enquiry, Councillor Sinclair confirmed that as a rule of thumb, there is a 100’ required distance between new septic beds and existing wells; however, that limit also depends on type of soils, gradient, etc. Ultimately, he felt the proposed septic plan would be inadequate.


It was noted that studies on file with the application appear to reflect desired outcomes of the applicant; the ones that best suit the needs of the applicant, not the reality of the current topography and location of the neighbourhood.



Item 3.e. – Cheese Factory Site – Heritage Designation

Corey discussed proposal with Sally Drummond (Heritage) of the Planning Dept. who conferred with Councillors Sinclair & Kiernan.  The Heritage Cmtehas not made public their comments on the proposal; instead,first consulting with internal TOC Depts. and the applicant about concerns.  Mentioned on the list of concerns by Heritage: the conservation of “the Creamery” and the attributes of the adjacent property; development in keeping with the Village character; the need for a Heritage Impact Study report; grading concerns, to name a few.  Details of these concerns to be provided once public.




Item 3.f. – Traffic stats/studies from MTO, Region, TOC

Kate referenced 2017 traffic stats that are now outdated.  Councillor Kiernan advised updated stats will come from MTO & Region of Peel.  Camera info will reflect current driver patterns.  It was her view that the collection of volume of traffic will not impress the MTO/Region, as the argument is that Hwys 10 & 24 were designed to deal with this increased traffic flow.


Phil Staite advised that efforts were made to reduce traffic on Troiless, Travelled Rd, Elizabeth & James Streets. The one-way designation of Troilessfrom Hwy 24 was intended to reduce traffic on these small residential streets and prevent drivers from by-passing the traffic at the intersection of Hwys 10 & 24.  It was noted that Travelled Rd., Troiless, James and Elizabeth Sts had a history of traffic incidents, in spite of efforts to redirect traffic flow.


The Councillors are working with TOC traffic specialists and MTO to address this situation.  They will be advocating process of traffic patterns as a direct link to the proposal.  Councillor Kiernan acknowledged that the veterinarian and other businesses in this quadrant will also be affected by the proposal. 


Beth Staite iterated that a traffic study is needed for Caledon Village, regardless of the current application but added that the traffic study MUST be independent and not generated by a consulting firm for the applicant (which would skew the results).


Councillor recommended that ArashOlia(TOC traffic specialist) will be brought into the meeting to address the traffic issues.


David Windross referenced recent traffic counts of the subject proposal area conducted months ago and asked if those stats were available to the residents.  Councillor Kiernan advised that studies for implementation of Community Safety Zones and traffic calming were prepared recently and she would share those results with CVA for distribution.


Residents agreed that stats from June 2020 traffic studies might not accurately reflect traffic flow during Covid.  It was recommended that traffic studies be prepared on long weekends to better assess current issues.


Councillor Sinclair supposed up to 40,000 cars per day use Hwy 10 on a long w/e, while the original rebuild capacity of this road was intended for 20,000 cars per day.  Another northbound route is needed over the escarpment, as truckers use this route for long hauls northbound.





ACTION:  TOC needs to conduct independent traffic study of subject area to assess current traffic issues and those generated by proposal (direct link).


ACTION:  Councillor Kiernan to provide traffic study stats(June, 2020 study) results to CVA for distribution to area residents.


Councillors to bring traffic specialist (ArashOlia) to meeting (on the 12th?)


Councillor Sinclair awaiting results of traffic counts on Travelled Rd. &Troiless.  Should be within week-10 days.




















Item 3.g.-Use of residents’ names/addresses in Minutes for public viewing

Kate advised that the petition containing residents’ signatures and addresses will be scanned and sent to the TOC.  Minutes of the CVA Meetings are posted on the CVA website for public viewing.  She asked if anyone had an issue with their identity being revealed in publicly-shared documentation, that they email her to remain anonymous on record.  She suggested that street addresses could be generalized to the street of residence only.








Item 4. – Prep for May 12th Residents Meeting

Aaron Grabowski raised a new issue of concern re: increased crime rates due to high density developments.  He referenced the Shelbourne area as having increased crime rates relating to high density development in that area. 


Mark Florence asked whether any crime stats were available to compare before/after high density development in Caledon East or South.  Councillor Sinclair was not aware of any stats of this nature.  Councillor Kiernan suggested that stats may not be available due to privacy issues.


Top areas of concern to be identified for the May 12th meeting were those first five items listed on Section 4 of the agenda. Effort should be made to avoid duplication in presentations.  Meeting is only one hour in duration, so oral submissions must be concise.


CVA to draft letter on behalf of residents.


Immediately affected neighbours to southwest should express their concerns (could be scripted for reading purposes)?


Meeting on May 12th is not a formal meeting but an opportunity for residents to learn more about the proposal and supporting info.

Letters from residents can be submitted for May 12th, regardless of whether all outstanding info has been determined (ie. traffic studies).

Submissions will stay on record with application throughout the process.  Revised (updated) letters can also be submitted after May 12th, in time for formal meeting under the Planning Act (potentially July, 2021).


At the request of the residents, Councillor Kiernan confirmed her request to have the meeting of May 12th, 2021 recorded for future review/use by CVA and the public.


Mark Florence urged residents talk to interested neighbours and to forward their emails to the CVA website so that information about the proposal can be shared with interested parties.




Combine areas of concern under larger headings:  ie. Density (affecting parking, access, traffic, noise pollution, etc.)


CVA to draft letter for May 12th meeting.


Minutes of Meeting of May 5, 2021 to be distributed asap.


Area residents free to submit letters to TOC for May 12th meeting, but can also submit post meeting for subsequent formal meeting (date TBD) to ensure their concerns are on record.










ACTION: Councillor Kiernan requested recording of resident meeting of May 12, 2021.




NEXT MEETING of the Town of Caledon (Residents Meeting)

Wednesday, May 12th @ 7 pm


ACTION:  If you wish to participate, please ensure you confirm by phone or link-See Notice of Resident’s Meeting previously scanned and sent to you April 28, 2021.  Contact Kate for further info





Caledon Village Association meeting with concerned residents.


Wednesday, April 28, 2021 – Virtual Meeting on “Google Meets”

7-9 pm

Minutes of Meeting – Proposed Draft Plan of Condominium – 0 and 18314 Hurontario St.

Rezoning application to amend zoning of site from “residential” to “townhouse residential” to allow construction of 30 townhouse units.  File Nos. 21CEM-210001C and related File Nos. RZ 2021-0001 & SOA 2021-0001.


Name                                                                                                    Address

Kate Hepworth (Chair)


Dale Neilly & Christine Schubert (Recording Secretary)

18 Alanavale

Richard Bertram


Corey Crang


Gordon Whitelaw


Andy Forrester


Kelly Pischzan


Ian Sinclair


Mark Florence


Heather Dowell

31 James St.

Bruce Savage


Bruce Craggs


Jennifer Paschalis


Patty Halls


Knox Church Minister


Pauline Petri


Shannon Brewster


Shari Gouzvaris


Thomas Ruth


Ron Chliszczyk

183 Autumn Dr.

Mary Valade


Michelle Blanchard


David and Michelle Windross


Jackie Flynn


Betty Huider


Gord Whitelaw


Craig Simpson & Yvonne Parker


Robert and Donna Payne



Not Present on call but expressed interest:

Karen Wall


Marie Ann Tate


Barney Becket


Patrick Smith


Ricky Madden


Joanne Ledo


Aaron Grabowski


Lynn Kiernan


Harpreet Grewal


Marion & Ed Standish


Joyce Brocklebank


David Russell


Nelson Anast



Reviewed proposal for benefit of those not familiar or up to date on the proposal.



Possible Owner of Site (frequent mention of Milani in proposal implies they are likely owner/developer)

Milani Group

11333Dufferin St., Maple, ON L6A 1S5 Attn: Cam Milani

Milani has history of developing sensitive/challenged lands.  Not much known about them but they usually enter into agreements with landowners whereby they purchase land only if/when a proposal is approved by all required parties.

Milani Group appears to have ties with Premier Ford (Election funding) and deal with large developments in Vaughan & Oak Ridges Moraine areas.





Need to find out more about Milani Group. Anyone wishing to bring forward information on Milani at the next meeting, please feel free to do so.

Input from TOC (Town of Caledon) Depts?

Ian advised that plans have been filed and are currently under review (Development Review Application Team-“DART”) by various depts: CVC, Fire Dept, Public Works, Planning.  Site specific studies have been done and are under review.





Application Process/Meeting May 12/21

May 12/21 is a resident meeting when the applicant can present the proposal.  All available reports will be reviewed then.  TOC has own staff and specialists that work with CVC and use peer reviews to assess the proposal.  Consultants are hired when needed to fill in expertise.

Meeting will be virtual at 7-8 pm.  Planning staff present, presentation by applicant and open discussion for residents.

Meeting will only be 1 hr in duration.  Virtual meeting only.  Ian advises that residents can participate, ask questions/comment on proposal within time limits.


Ian advised that everyone needs to participate in meeting in order to have legal access to appeal application, if TOC approves it.  The meeting can be followed up by submission of letters by the residents.  Other depts will have opportunity to comment on proposal and another meeting will be held for residents to participate.



Question whether Aleah Clarke will be present. 

How can concerned residents be assured access to meeting if not specifically invited?

ACTION:  Copy of Meeting notice to be scanned and distributedby Kate to interested parties on this call and those unable to join tonight.



Ian to clarify process for us please.

Area of concern:

Access to Site/Easement

MTO reluctant to allow site access from Hwy 10 and, as a result, proposal involves access thru “Brock Rd”.

Heather Dowell (31 James) received notice of meeting but advised that no one from TOC or developer has been in touch to deal with creation of “Brock Rd” easement between 31 and 33?  While they were aware of easement when they purchased property, they never anticipated current land use and impact on their property.

Brock Rd. represents 30’ road allowance that is not wide enough for proposal.




Area of concern:

Water flow/water drainage

Ian Sinclair- water flows E-W direction and under Charleston Srd and down thru Caledon Village, onto Elizabeth St. and between the 2 new houses?

Corey advises that in spring it is obvious that water travels W on Troiless.

Corey advised that stormwater mgmt studies were supposed to be prepared in advance of the 2 new house builds.  What impact on proposal and surrounding properties?

Bruce Craggs notes that the 2 new houses on adjacent properties have been built on raised grades to deal with water issues, thereby forcing water overflow onto his own property (and potentially others) that are at lower grade.

There are no stormwater mgmt provisions on the site plan which implies water will drain onto private lands on Troiless and likely Travelled Rd.

Development is predicated on water management – Ian cannot imagine MTO would be in favour of current proposal.


Ian noted that properties in area have private wells – they are potable.  A study of the area needs to be made in order to ensure wells remain safe if septic/sewage/stormwater plans fail.  If not, then the proposal poses a threat of nitrate poisoning to area wells.

Tim Hortons location on Charleston Srd & Hwy 10 pumps their septic 2X/wk.  This implies the proposed site with greater density will have increased septic needs than the Tim Horton’s site.  Proposed systems aren’t appropriate for land size/location.

“Bladder Septic” planned for site requires replacement every 5 yrs.  Residents are concerned about how this septic system will be managed/replaced; whether design is suitable for proposal; potential for leachate over time to other neighbouring water sources/systems.

The current report on file is by company that is no longer in business. 


Ron referenced a development regulation of .75 acres/house when he purchased his home on Autumn Rd many years ago.  This rationale was based in part on the provision of sufficient space for septic systems.  It was questioned whether this regulation is still valid given that most of the properties in the area are still on private septic systems?  Ian advised that development has to meet the provisions of the Ontario Bldg Code and the MOE.   Septic flows dictate the available land area for development.  Ian suggested that the proposal for 30 townhouse units would require MOE approval.








































Question of what are existing regulations for land development in Caledon Village where properties are still on private septic systems.

Area of Concern:  Heritage Designation of “The Cheese Factory”

Cheese Factory has historical/heritage designation.  New proposal would involve houses on the heritage site – how is this possible? Are special provisions required for this portion of the site?  Is the Heritage Office aware of proposal?  Impact?  Comment on proposal?


Sally Drummond is Heritage Officer for TOC.  Corey says that he can start discussion with Faye McCrae (former Heritage contact).






Corey Crang to contact Faye McCrea re: heritage issue of Cheese factory and site proposal for input and comments by next meeting.

Area of Concern:  Parking and Traffic Congestion

Mark Florence, as a former resident in a townhouse complex, recounted issues with parking and traffic concerns resulting from high density land use.  Neighbours are concerned the subject proposal does not include sufficient (realistic) parking needs and will result in overflow of parking and traffic congestion to the neighbourhood.  Excess parking on adjacent sidestreets of Troiless, James, Elizabeth, Travelled Rd, will pose fire hazards, snow plowing challenges, problems with bussing of children, policing of parking/traffic, etc. to these already narrow roads.  It was noted that the roads are not only narrow, they have no sidewalks.  The TOC will ultimately have to widen these roads to accommodate added traffic flow.

Residents recounted traffic accidents (incidents) in area, noting there is already a serious problem on these streets and the Charleston/Hwy 10 vicinity that will be made worse by the proposal.

There were recent car count studies madein the area (Troiless, James, Travelled Rd) that were independently prepared on behalf of the site owners.  Corey spoke to the individuals prepping the info and noted they only covered stats for Sunday thru Thursday (not weekends when traffic was likely the heaviest). 

The most current traffic study accompanying the site proposal was prepped in 2016 (outdated and grossly understated by current traffic patterns and development of region).

We need a thorough traffic study of the area to determine current traffic issues before considering further density in the neighbourhood.

Ian advised that red light cameras are under consideration for the area.

Ian said he would talk to the TOC traffic engineer (Haresh) to see what info is available to us.

It was noted that increased development in the area would also increase traffic threat to neighbourhood Post Office on Hwy 10.  Entrance is too close to intersection at 10 & Charleston Srd, and already a problem to safely access.  What impact will 30 additional townhouses have on this existing problem?

30 additional townhouses will increase congestion on Charleston, and it is already difficult to get out of our development (Kevinwood) with current gravel trucks, Tim Hortons access and already increased traffic congestion.  Proposal will intensify existing problems.

The question was also raised about any plans of a bypass and how this development would impact that. Kate stated that during the Pit Rehab discussions a bypass was discussed, however those plans are far in the future (possibly 30yrs) pending the Official Plan.













Not sure if anyone took on this search for info from OPP, MTO on traffic incidents/speeding, etc.

Ian clarified that MTO keeps records for provincial highways only.



ACTION: Ian to discuss with TOC traffic engineer to see what traffic stats/data is available to us.

Area of Concern:  Setting Precedent/ Out of keeping with development in the area.

No other development like this in Village.  Surrounding homes are single family and on larger lots with private septic systems.  Proposal veers significantly from this type of development and will place greater pressure on all amenities these properties currently enjoy, including increased noise, loss of privacy, loss of light, increased parking and traffic and a threat to their own water systems.




Area of Concern:  Property Management

The condominium owners would have to manage their own waste, snow removal, road access, etc.  TOC will not look after these private lands, based on other developments in the area that requested servicing.

Residents are concerned about increased noise and safety issues due to operation of garbage trucks, snow plows, etc. associated with the proposed 30 new townhouse units.




Proposed Playground

Not well planned.  Children would not be in full view based on current site plan location.



Actions Required

Area residents should send letters opposing rezoning application and expressing their concerns to:

Aleah Clarke (Planning, TOC)aclarke@mhbcplan.com




Remember to “cc” Ian Sinclair on your email so he can keep track of what has been sent.   Ian.sinclair@caledon.ca

And Lynn Kiernan Lynn.kiernan@caledon.ca


It is important for area residents to formally voice their concerns about this proposal by email asap so TOC Depts are aware that there is opposition to the proposal.

Ian urged residents to attend the May 12th meeting.  Notice of Meeting for the May 12th meeting has info on how to participate.


Ensure residents of Travelled Rd. and south side of Troiless are notified of May 12th meeting and the info shared by Caledon Village Association.  These neighbours will be most affected by the proposal in terms of water drainage, sewage, etc. 


Kate encourages everyone, if you have the time to go to the Town of Caledon website https://www.caledon.ca/  go to the meetings portion and look for planning and development, you can watch older meetings to get a good idea of how applications are processed.




Email your concerns to:





cc your comments to:




Contact for participation in May 12th Resident Mtg:






Pauline Petri to contact Phil & Elizabeth Staite to update on development discussions.


Wednesday, May 5th @ 7 pm



  1. Minutes of this meeting to be distributed asap.
  2. Residents to email contacts at Town of Caledon (see previous emails) prior to next Caledon Village Association meeting.
  3. Residents to communicate info to all interested and affected parties in the neighbourhood to ensure awareness of proposal, petition signature and May 12th participation.Anyone wishing to sign the existing petition please contact Kate through  caledonvillageassociation@gmail.com







Caledon Village Association welcomes everyone to the conversation, for or against, bring your thoughts. We are not saying NO development, we are pointing out why this is not reasonable development.










Resident Meeting Regarding Townhouses
When Wed Apr 28, 2021 …..7pm – 9pm Eastern Time 


Meeting is being held online through Google Meets

Please email the Caledon Village Association to get added to the attendance list and the link to the meeting will be emailed back to you


Attn: Kate Hepworth

Opportunity to discuss opposition to the Townhouses as proposed.

Please bring your thoughts, lets prioritize a list and how to proceed.







CVA working with residents and their concerns



April 15, 2021


Bullet form notes from virtual resident meeting of April 14th, 2021 regarding the proposed Townhouses.


  • There is no provision for drainage, leading to concerns of where water will go, concerns that drainage will head to the culvert at Troiless. It is noted that the creek runs to the Credit, the CVC (who only have commenting ability) will be contacted for their input.
  • Car trips. With 30 units being proposed with parking for 2 vehicles each, it is almost guaranteed that an extra 60 vehicles will be mobile within a small portion of the village, this does not take into consideration visitors to each home.
  • With extra vehicles comes the added issue of entering and exiting the proposed area. Should the easement be opened up it is still only one road in and same road out. In order to exit, go straight across Elizabeth to Charleston, an already congested intersection within meters complicated by the Tim Hortons entry/exit. Alternatively exit the area via Travelled Rd, the only safe option to do this is if you are heading south on Hwy 10, turning left to go north is not suggested. In order to return, there is the option of Troiless (one way entry) or Elizabeth, again, both roads very close to Hwy 10 of Charleston and the Tim Hortons entry/exit. Coming in off Hwy 10 southbound at Travelled is an option, however, turning left off Hwy 10 northbound should not even be a consideration due to safety. Overall, there is no safe way to add extra vehicles to the area.
  • Concern was raised regarding a pool to the rear of a residence of James St adjacent to the easement. The easement on its own is of specific concern to two homes on James St. Further discussion needs to be had with the planners as the opening of the easement with incur considerable issues for the home owners.
  • Given that all (except one) homes in the area are on wells, there is concern about how different levels of drainage will impact wells. All Caledon Village residents need to remember that not all of Caledon Village is on Regional water. 
  • The usual expectation of a family being parents and 2 children, given that those dynamics frequently change, can water supply and the proposed septic service be expected to perform at acceptable levels without creating difficulties for the existing residents?
  • While it is clear that two new houses have been built, there is a third lot in between that to this point hasn’t been touched.  CVA will inquire as to the status of the lot as there is concern that there is a drainage issue that could also be attached to drainage issues on the proposed townhouse site.
  • There are no existing sidewalks in the area and given the recent events of traffic trying to bypass a Hwy 10 closure there is considerable concern for residents both existing and potentially new.  Larger vehicles such as school buses, delivery trucks, garbage trucks, snow plows already have restrictive movement areas, added large vehicles is contrary to safety.
  • By having so many homes placed on lots this size sets a standard and there is concern that others in the area may wish to sell their land with the expectation of more townhouse type projects being built. The land currently with 4 lots on it north of Charleston comes to mind.
  • The Caledon Official Plan must be complete before the next election. Given the number of applications at the Town of Caledon there is concern that this project could get “pushed through”
  • More people need to know about this proposal. CVA is excited to hear residents reach out to help get the word out. CVA will build up their information resources including their website.
  • Many of us have papers delivered and they find a direct route to the recycling bin.  Could we suggest that you take a look at the papers first? Notifications have to be placed in the media regarding applications, notices and so forth. For those without internet, or social media, reading the paper is an asset.



It is important to recognize that while we have serious concerns about the development of 30 townhouses, we realize that something will be built, thoughts and ideas of what that could be are welcomed.


Stay tuned for updates via email, CVA website  caledonvillage.org and social media


As always we can be contacted at caledonvillageassociation@gmail.com


Many thanks from the CVA







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As a UNESCO World Biosphere, more consideration must be given to protect the West Credit River which is one of the last pristine cold-water fisheries in the Greater Golden Horseshoe, home to native brook trout, and providing enriched biodiversity for communities in the headwaters and downstream to Lake Ontario.


As we need as many signatures as possible, please sign this petition at https://petitions.ourcommons.ca/en/Petition/Details?Petition=e-3194 to request a federal environmental impact assessment.

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